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Microsoft to modify Vista after Google's lawsuit

According to an article published this week by Reuters, Microsoft has agreed to modify its Windows Vista operating system in response to a lawsuit by Google that the search function included in Vista is a disadvantage for it and other potential rivals.

Following an agreement with the Department of Justice, the 17 state attorneys general and the District of Columbia, Microsoft will develop an option in Vista that will allow users to select a default desktop search program on Windows PCs.

The function, known as "Instant Search," allows Windows users to enter a query and get a list of results from their hard drive.
The agreement was made public as part of a joint report presented by the Justice Department and Microsoft late Tuesday. As part of the agreement, a Microsoft spokesperson has stated that the company has also agreed to include a link in the Internet Explorer window and another in the "Start" menu to make it easier for users to access the desktop search service by default.

The modifications will be introduced through a Windows Vista service pack or update. Microsoft expects a trial version of Vista Service Pack 1 to be available by the end of the year.

Under the agreement, Microsoft also agrees to provide additional technical information to third parties, such as Google, in order to optimize the performance of its desktop search service in Vista.

The changes stem from a lawsuit filed by Google with the Justice Department in December, alleging that a Vista feature that allowed users to search their computer's hard drive left no choice for competition from other applications. desktop search.

Source: Reuters

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