Google Malware

Google Malware

Google warns users that they may be infected by malware

This week Google has identified a malware that is redirecting unusual search traffic to its servers, prompting the company to warn affected users.

“Recently, we encountered unusual search traffic while performing routine maintenance in one of our data centers,” wrote security engineer Damian Menscher on the company blog. "After working with security engineers at various companies that were sending this modified traffic, we determined that computers exhibiting this behavior have been infected with a particular strain of malicious software."

The malware has affected an unspecified number of users, but it appeared to be enough for the company to announce that it will display a "prominent notice" at the top of Google search results to anyone they think may be infected.

"This particular malware causes infected computers to send traffic to Google through a small number of intermediate servers called 'proxies.' We hope that by taking notification measures to users whose traffic is coming through these proxies, we can help them update their antivirus software and eliminate infections. "

Google has never used its search engine as a malware warning system for users, although it did accidentally mark all websites on the Internet as harmful in 2009.

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