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Simeon, masculine name of Hebrew origin, its meaning is "He who has heard"or"He who has heard".

History and the Saint

Saint Simeon, stylite (the one who lives in a column), was born in the 400 near Tarsus, present day Turkey, was a shepherd of sheep; Driven by the fervor of faith, he entered a monastery at the age of 15. He is credited with the invention of the sackcloth (the wounding rope for penance) He went to live in a cave, but had many followers who distracted him from prayer Then he ordered the construction of a series of increasingly tall columns (the last one reached 18.3 meters, with the idea of ​​living there and not being disturbed, he did so for 37 years, which is why he called it the stylite).

His Saint is celebrated on October 8.

Simeon variant

in other languages:

  • Catalan: Simeo.
  • French: Siméon.
  • English: Simeon.
  • Italian: Siomeone.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Simeon

  • Simeon II, King of Bulgaria. He was born in Sofia and succeeded his father Boris III at the age of 6 in the middle of the World War.
  • JeanBaptiste Simeon Chardin, French painter considered one of the most important of the eighteenth century for his reflection of the Parisian bourgeoisie.



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