Foreigners in Spain

Foreigners in Spain

The total population of Spain exceeds 44 million inhabitants as of January 1, 2005. But of these, almost four million (3,730,610) are foreigners, representing 8.5% of the total Spanish population.

In the last year, the number of immigrants living in Spain grew by 23% (almost 700,000 people), according to the data collected in the updated Register of the INE (National Institute of Statistics).

The Mediterranean and Madrid the areas preferred by foreigners

The Mediterranean coast and Madrid attract the highest percentage of foreign population. All the communities have increased the number of foreign residents except Melilla (-4.2%). The information compiled by the INE also indicates that Alicante is the province where the greatest number of "immigrants" over 65 live. In Alicante there are already 10 municipalities with more than 25% of the population of foreign origin (immigrants and retirees).

Foreigners: most important nationalities in Spain

Among the nationalities of the most numerous foreigners in Spain are:

  • Morocco: with 511,294 Moroccans in Spain
  • Ecuador: with 497,799 Ecuadorians
  • Romania: with 317,366 Romanians
  • Colombia: with 271,239 Colombians
  • United Kingdom: with 227,187 British
  • Argentina: with 152,975 Argentines
  • Germany: with 133,588 Germans

Issues related to foreigners in Spain:

  • Euroresidents
  • Sale of homes to foreigners
  • Immigrants and their children's education
  • Cheap flights for immigrants
  • Housing for immigrants
  • Internet phone calls
  • Internet phone

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