Google News loses a trial in Belgium

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Belgian justice questions the legality of Google News.

Google will appeal the ruling proclaimed by a court in Belgium according to which Google commits an illegality by copying headlines and newspaper articles without first obtaining permission from Belgian newspapers in its recently released Google News Belgium.

The sentence is the result of a property rights complaint filed against Google by Copiepress, an organization that manages the copyright rights of several Belgian newspapers. Google has been forced to remove the headlines and links pointing to the original articles of various Belgian media from its Google news service, since according to the ruling the search engine would have to pay a fine of € 1,000,000 for each day it includes in Google News of Belgium content collected from said media.

According to statements published by The Guardian, Copiepress demands that Google pay royalties in exchange for publishing content collected from these media, while Google has confirmed that all the headlines of Belgian newspapers that are Copiepress clients have been removed from Google News Belgium and are being removed. from all other Google News sites.

This new ruling could force Google to rethink the Google News service as it is currently designed. Although some large media groups support Google News because it increases their visitor statistics, others demand that Google pay copyright. Last year Google had to remove all content from Agence France-Presse in a lawsuit similar to the current case.

Since launching Google News five years ago, Google has resisted the temptation to include ads on this service, and this could be because Google fears an outcry from a greater number of media outlets around the world if it starts to introduce advertising. adwords. Google claims that Google News benefits the media because it makes its content more visible to Internet users.

There are currently a total of 35 Google News sites in various countries and languages, which together receive an average of 38 million users.

Source: Guardian Media

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