Sea Salt: Health, Skin and Hair

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Sea Salt extracted from sea water and its benefits for our health, skin and hair are extraordinary. It is a contribution of vitamins and youth.

I was already saying ...! When I get back from the beach I feel so good that many times I don't take a shower right away, leave the seawater on my skin, so that it works and takes effect. I want to take advantage of its mineral benefits.

Sea salt is natural, does not undergo any type of processing. The mineral content of the substance remains intact when heat is applied and has an alkalizing effect, which helps balance acid in the body. Sea salt strengthens the immune system. To a great extent, it reduces hormone levels and bad cholesterol levels considerably.

If you have diabetes, the benefits of the salt contained in sea water, help reduce blood sugar levels.

For the bones It is also beneficial, because more than 20% of the body's sodium accumulates in the bones, which were damaged during the absence of the minerals in the blood and body fluid, so osteoporosis can be treated.

The Himalayan Salt Lamps, which we see in many houses, serve to balance the positive ions created by the electrical appliances in our home.

Salt lamp to eliminate negative energies

Benefits of Seawater for the Skin

Never mind! If you have dry skin, with sea baths you eliminate toxins from your body. The magnesium present in the salt prevents fluid retention.

  • The Calcium content of sea salt helps to clean the clogged pores of the skin. If you have oily skin or acne, you know: sea water toner, apply it 2 times a day.
  • For him scalp with dandruff or fat or lack of energy, submerge your head every day in the sea and take sun baths.

Sea Salt application tips

  • You can make yourself a spa at home very easy, economical and energetic. The ideal first thing would be to bathe in the sea, dive up to your head. If it is not possible, you fill the bathtub to the top, add 5 Kgrs. of iodized salt and you take a relaxing bath. If you don't have a bathtub, you can scrub with salt, baking soda, and gel. You mix it well and apply it to yourself. You clarify well.
  • Then you give yourself a sun or moon bath, taking deep and relaxed breaths. It would be convenient if you had a Himalayan salt lamp nearby. That night close to you. They are natural marine crystal rock particles, formed over millions of years and have many benefits for humans.

Ritual to Clean a house with Sea Salt

  1. Spray at the entrance of Casa Sal Marina under the doormat. It will protect your home. You must renew it every 10 days.

Loves we live difficult times with emotional problems, economic difficulties and crises of various origins, which harm our health. That is why it is crucial to stay strong in spirit and healthy in mind. Energetic cleansing and simple psychic defense rituals are effective tools to remove negative vibrations from your home or your person, which have been accumulating. Purify environments in a simple way with an everyday element: Salt.

Salty kisses,

Amparo Martinez
MARÁN Beauty Salon

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