What does it mean to dream of worms?

What does it mean to dream of worms?

Dream of a single worm

If you dream of a single worm, something negative is found right now in your life.

If you dream of several worms

It has to do with the most base, poverty, violence ... It means that you feel pressured by an intriguing and unpresentable person.

Dream that you see worms

If you dream that you see worms, it's not very good. It can represent that something is taken away from him, that he is impetuous and thoughtless.

If in your dream, you feel attacked by a worm

It means that you are going to have very bad luck, especially with money.

Dreaming about killing worms

If you dream that you kill them, represents that he will be able to defeat his enemies or overcome a disease.

If a girl kills them, means that you will be able to separate everything material from your life and aspire to more spiritual and moral issues.

If you dream that worms are approaching you

If a girl dreams that she sees how worms approach her, it means that he only aspires to obtain material things.

Just in case, I dream of silkworms

It will be a sign of good luck and announces income of money. It means that you are in for a good job, in which you could go a long way.

Dreaming that you see some dead silkworms or torn from their cocoon

It is a bad omen, it means that bad times are coming.

Dreaming that you use them as bait for fishing

It means that thanks to your naivety you will be able to stay one step ahead of your enemies.

If you see caterpillars in your dream

It means that you will be surrounded by hypocritical people in your immediate future and you will have to be alert, to be able to unmask them and allow yourself to be used by them.

Dream about caterpillars

It also means that you will lose your loved one or loss of money in business or loss of your job ... It could also mean that you will be involved in complicated situations, but from which you could get some benefit or merit.

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