The Economy Class Syndrome

The Economy Class Syndrome

Flights are getting cheaper each time, but on long journeys the so-called "economy class syndrome" is making itself felt in airplanes, by preventing movement for hours and circulatory problems appear.

It is known as "economy class syndrome"the danger of blood clots or venous thrombosis deep in the legs, as a result of poor mobility and tight spaces between aircraft seats. These clots are dangerous if they are not diluted and form a thrombus.

People prone to economy class syndrome

Obese people, smokers, older people, with vascular risks, among others, should take this issue seriously, especially on journeys longer than 4 hours.

Tips to avoid economy class syndrome:

  • 1. Avoid tight clothing, uncomfortable shoes, belts, etc.
  • 2. Drink plenty of fluids - and if possible, get up to ask for it and drink it in the flight attendant and flight attendants' area.
  • 3. Do not drink alcoholic beverages or coffee.
  • 4. Avoid sleeping hunched up or with your legs crossed.
  • 5. Stretch as much as you can. For this you must leave the front space free. This way you can stretch your legs as much as possible.
  • 6. Walk a bit down the aisle of the plane when there is no warning of turbulence. Do simple arm exercises, even a slight bent of the knees;).
  • 7. Move the feet of the fingers for 1 minute.
  • 8. Do rotations with the ankles. Even a discreet massage to his legs whenever he can.
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