Pisces December 2013

Pisces December 2013

Best days for Pisces in December: 1,8,9,18,28,29
Most stressful days for Pisces in December: 15,16,17,23,24
Better days for himlove and pisces in December: 5,10,11,21,22,23,24
Better days for him money and pisces in December: 1,4,5,10,11,12,18,19
Better days forwork and pisces in December: 1,2,3,8,9,18,19

December will be a fantastic month for you it will also be a month to enjoy and be happy. Take advantage of these circumstances and empower yourself to the maximum.

You must take care of your Health until the 21st. The most important thing is that you stay strong. Do not waste energy and if you do, recover it by resting and doing relaxation and meditation exercises. Your weak point this month will be the bones: back, knees, ankles ... Visit a physiotherapist, osteopath ... To help you stay pain-free and fit.

He job very good. You will work hard, but you will have good opportunities and changes, especially before the 21st. Take time to reflect, analyze before taking action and making decisions.

Love and social life intersect with his professional career. That will be the way to promote yourself and force job changes. Use your social power, to benefit your work.

Will have a Relationship problematic. Beautiful but problematic but it will be solved before the 24th. You will have a romantic relationship or some moment of seduction with a boss of yours or a co-worker who is above you between the 5th and the 24th. Your relationship with your partner or your girl They will become an obligation, because it will be taken as one more job, that is to say solving the temporary problem, it will take away all the passion and charm. But don't worry, everything passes and from the 24th this situation disappears.

Changes in your finance They continue this month especially between the 23rd and the 31st. Do not take risks and be prudent with expenses and investments if you have them.

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