Centers in the United States for Entrepreneurs

<b>Centers in the United States for Entrepreneurs</b>

Best Universities in the United States that offer courses for entrepreneurs and small businesses

CNN Money offers invaluable information on the 10 best colleges for entrepreneurs or small businesses starting out. The selected colleges offer some of the most innovative programs for beginning business owners.

Which college to go to when an entrepreneur starts a startup or startup and wants to learn more? CNN selects 10 universities that lead programs for young entrepreneurial entrepreneurs. This is the list:

  1. DePaulUniversity, Chicago
    At Center for Creativity of the DePaul Entrepreneurial students, local business leaders, and alumni learn better ways to brainstorm ideas for new business concepts in sessions led by experts in creative thinking.
  2. Florida International University, Miami
    Claiming the broadest recruitment of minority entrepreneurs in the United States, the FIU brings a wide diversity of students with startups from around the world. He teaches international trade courses that emphasize entrepreneurial projects that aim to trade in Central America and the Caribbean.
  3. Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.
    Harvard has 17 positions for entrepreneurs. All of its 900 MBA students are required to take an entrepreneurship course in their first term. Harvard uses the classic case study format to teach new business development in which CEOs of well-known companies are invited to participate in discussions. The remaining selected schools are:
  4. HowardUniversity, Washington, D.C.
  5. SimmonsCollege, Boston,
    The only business school in the United States for female entrepreneurs. Candidates must have an MBA and most are required to have a decade of experience.
  6. SittingBull College, Fort Yates, N.D.
    One of the first Native American centers, founded in 1973, launched a pioneering program to teach entrepreneurship and business to Native Americans.
  7. University of Arizona, Tucson
    He began his university program for entrepreneurs in 1984, being one of the oldest and most competitive in the United States. Only 100 graduates and undergraduates are accepted each year. They focus on high-growth sectors such as biotechnology.
  8. University of Colorado, Boulder
    A leading program in environmental entrepreneurship, specialized in helping students create environmentally friendly and socially progressive companies. The organic and natural product industry supports this program.
  9. University of Texas, Austin
    To speed up the creation of new startups, UT offers students office space, technology, and access to advisors in the business incubator. Of the 52 companies that have been launched to date, 4 of them are listed on the Nasdaq. In 2002, Motorola paid $ 33 million to acquire one of them: Metrowerks.
  10. University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y.
    The university has developed entrepreneurship courses in every department on campus - including informatics (computing), engineering, religion, and music.

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