Dayko, the dog who gave his life saving people in the earthquake in Ecuador

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Dayko, Ecuador's rescue hero dog (already known in this way) gave his life to rescue and search for survivors in the disastrous earthquake that struck Ecuador. He was a 4 year old Labrador and He was part of the canine unit of the Ibarra Fire Department. Ecuador mourns his death after the sad event.

-Ecuador is still recovering little by little after the earthquake catastrophe. Still News continues to emerge, and one of them is the story of this dog that moved everyone.

-Dayko He entered the Fire Department just as a puppy. He participated in the rescue work for survivors in Perdenales, the so-called "Ground Zero" of the terrible earthquake that shook the country on April 16, 2020.

"He also participated in various presentations where he stole the hearts of children because of his docile character, who came and took pictures with him" -said the Ibarra Fire Department.

"Dayko was one of the best in the search and location of living people as he had international certifications, and helps in various disasters locating victims as happened in Esmeradas years ago."

-Helped to locate victims and managed to save many lives. Due to your great effort that he carried out without rest in the last week, he was exhausted and his health collapsed. On April 22, he suffered a heart attack and died while being checked by the vet, despite strenuous attempts to save him.

He gave his life to help others ... His feat will be remembered forever.

We will never forget you Dayko!


Video: Hero Dog Saves Another Canine Friend During Earthquake


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