Chinese Horoscope: Pig or Fire Boar 2020

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Year of the Earth Yang Dog for the Fire Pig or Boar 2020

The Earth Dog and the Pig or the Fire Boar together they can do wonders. They get along perfectly, they love each other, they understand each other and they are happy together. This year everything will flow for the Pig or Wild Boar and their advance will be enormous thanks to their influence.

The year of the Earth Dog Yang begins on February 16, 2020 and ends on February 4, 2020.

Personal Evolution

Personally, it will be a pleasant and enlightening year. You will be fully aware of what you need to achieve your goals and you will do it. You are ambitious and you want to reach the top, so you will study everything well, so that your career is short and progressive. This year you will learn to be more flexible.


Love will not be important this year. Everything will be fine.If you are in a couple, everything will remain the same, but without ups and downs. If you are single, even if you go out with girls, you will not find your better half yet.


At work, you're going to want to go up and opening your way within the same company where you are. In general, no Fire Pig or Wild Boar wants to change companies, because they are lazy and they think that where they are they can reach their goal. You will also be more flexible, because you will recognize that this way you will reach your goal sooner.


Economically you will improve much because the Earth Dog will bring you fortune: salary increase, extra money that comes suddenly and will allow you to indulge yourself. The downside is that you could spend more than you should. Make a good provision of funds, pay your debts, save, open a Pension Plan ... and everything will be fine.


This year you will be the center of your house and your family. You will be present and available for everything. Everyone will tell you their problems and you will solve them and organize meals, activities and trips for them. You will be delighted to have you with them.

Social Life and Friends

The Pig or Wild Boar usually has a lot of social life, but last year he wanted to go out less. Now in the year of the Earth Dog, you regain the butt social life. You will not have time to get bored. You will go out more than ever, to all kinds of events, trips, getaways, meetings ... Therefore, you will have to go on a diet and exercise, to be able to keep up.

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