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The Spanish proverb is very wise when it says that ... "there is nothing worse than a pain at midnight" but ... the toothache may be the one that takes the cake. These are some of the best home and natural remedies for toothache relief.

What Causes Toothache?

Those of us who have suffered toothaches know how intense it is, as well as annoying and even exasperating in some cases. Therefore we have to know where the pain comes from and above all, whenever our teeth hurt, try to relax so that our nerves do not make us clench our jaws more, strain, squeak at night ...

Toothache from cavities

One of the most frequent causes and, depending on the depth of the caries and the infection, the pain will be more or less acute, so sometimes the nerve must be killed at the dentist to end the pain.

Wisdom tooth pain

When our teeth hurt because those dreaded and unexpected wisdom teeth are appearing, the pain is due to the size available to position in the mouth and, in many cases, due to the bad position before leaving.

What to do when our teeth hurt?

Always taking into account the visit to the dentist. Although as a general rule we remember the dentist when we have pain ... Dentists do not usually treat the mouth in these cases, since we must first eliminate the infection.

1. Fresh parsley

Chew parsley cool in the area of ​​pain.

2. Cloves

If we are clear about the grinding wheel, we can place a small piece of nail (eugenol) on the aching tooth.

3. Raw onion

Cut one raw onion, place that piece of onion on the sore tooth and squeeze so that the onion juice does its sedative effect as it enters the tooth.

4. Liquor- Alcohol

One of the oldest remedies for mouth infections and toothaches. Take a sip of liquor, do not swallow it and leave it on the affected area for a few minutes. Alcohol will enter the area and have an anesthetic effect.

5. Homemade rinses that you can prepare (3 modes)

Make a homemade mouthwash previously making an infusion of elderberry, a little wine (1/3 of the glass), a pinch of salt and a touch of pepper.

Or, you can also make a mouthwash with 5 cloves, saffron, water, and salt until it boils and cools later. We apply it 4-6 times a day, depending on the pain and the relief it produces.

The oldest mouthwash and the most used by our grandparents has always been that of warm salt water, this is used when there is pus and the infection is accentuated.

6. Raw garlic

He garlic is considered a natural antibioticThat is why it is also used as an antibiotic by putting garlic on tooth decay, thus achieving an anti-inflammatory effect and reducing pain.

7. Hydrogen peroxide

Peroxide for toothache with a cotton ball and applying it directly to the caries, since this way we can clean and eliminate the caries bacteria and temporarily reduce the pain.

8. Black tea

8. Black tea and toothache. Black tea, according to some medical experts, contains tannic acid that acts as an analgesic, in addition to having anti-inflammatory effects when there is an infection.

  • Putting a bag of black tea on the gum next to the tooth that hurts will make the pain reduce significantly.

These are some of the tips for toothache, but always keeping in mind that, we have to iGo to the dentist to see our mouth when it hurts.

Whenever there is pain, something does not work well and, therefore, if we do not put a solution, it will hurt again. In addition, toothache can trigger phlegmons, earaches, sore throats… it is best to take care of your mouth and, if the pain persists for 1 or 2 days, visit our dentist.

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