Kentia care - Howea Forsteriana

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Characteristics and care of Kentia - Howea Forsteriana

This genus of palm trees is native to Lord Howe Island in the Pacific. It is the palm tree most used in homes as an indoor plant and if it is cared for properly it can last for many years.

A developed specimen easily reaches 2 meters in height and its elegant leaves, divided into many long, narrow and arched leaflets, make a very attractive fan effect.

This palm tree must be in a clear place, although it tolerates shade well, what it will never support is direct sunlight since it would burn it in a matter of hours. If it is in a slightly sunny place it will grow very slowly.

Although it is a plant with a reputation for easy care, I do not know a specimen that does not lose its leaves continuously unless it is watered properly. The normal thing, in my experience is that leaves dry, especially in summer, and end up despairing even the most patient, but the Kentia like the Phoenix, rises from its ashes taking out new leaves. The secret to its correct care is precisely in the irrigation and there is no better system to water this type of plants than the capillary irrigation systems (self-watering pots or a more practical system that is marketed by Domestic Irrigation).

Kentia care

Light and situation
Shady place, preferably NEVER DIRECT SUNLIGHT

Warm between 14 and 18 degrees in winter

Kentia irrigation
moderate but uniform. As you can see it is difficult to guess so, better a capillary irrigation system.

Wipe the dust off the leaves from time to time with a damp cloth.

If it is successful with watering, easy, if it is not one of the most difficult plants to keep whole.

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