Education and care for your dog

When deciding to adopt a dog, you will need to think about the work involved in that decision. Not only will you have to feed and drink it, it requires attention, time, and education. This implies a great responsibility and certain information. We inaugurated a section to support and give advice on education and care of dogs. Write to us.

General Tips for Dogs

1. If aggressive, consult an expert to determine the causes of aggressiveness.

2. Let me bite into something suitable. The specialized stores will provide you with bones, toys ... We will prevent them from chewing on things we do not want (furniture, doors ...)

3. Follow recommendations to train your dog, start with simple things: sit, lie down, give him small rewards (food) if he obeys your instructions.

4. If you must punish him, do so immediately after committing the offense.

5. Be very rigorous in vaccinations, care and in the instructions of your veterinarian in general. Extreme cleanliness and do not allow children (and adults) to have contact with the mouth (transmission of worms). Vaccine schedule

6. Be punctual in giving your age and size appropriate meals. We do not advise you to give in when asking for food outside hours (hearing or smelling our food). Do not allow him to steal food.

7. Do not punish him for barking, even if you try to correct it by encouraging the tendency you want.

8. It needs the presence of its owners. You suffer if you have prolonged periods of loneliness. Treat him with care and affection.

9. Recommend your cleaning habits.

Write us and tell us your tips.

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