3 daily makeups

3 daily makeups

I propose three ways to put makeup on for your day to day.


The first one is simple.

"Diva" lipstick and masks (both from Mac). I paint myself like this on days when I have the perfect complexion or when I'm really lazy to apply makeup.


The second is for the typical day when you have to cover imperfections, without going excessively overloaded.

I use "Vitalumière aqua" by Chanel, because it gives me color, without making it look like I'm wearing a mask. I apply it with a brush, since it is easier to blend and it looks more natural.

The secret of a good makeup is that it covers imperfections without it being obvious that you are wearing it.


The third tries to incorporate some black to the eyes into the previous makeup, to give depth and a little more sophistication to the face.

Later I will give you details of how to make the eye line with eyeliner and not die trying.

Eyeliner (Mac), Rimmel (Kiko)

Good weekend to everyone!!!!!


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