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According to an article published this week in eMarketer, while US online video ad spending is set to exceed 1 billion next year, 2 billion in 2009 and 3 billion in 2010, several factors are holding back growth. from the Internet equivalent of TV.

One of these main factors derives from the uncertainty about the limits of the audience, as the willingness of users to view online video advertisements and how long the advertisement should last if it is broadcast is unknown. The public's reactions to this type of advertising will ultimately determine the way in which advertisers and Web publishers will use this medium.

Some research indicates that most people find Internet video advertising extremely annoying.

According to the “Online Video Advertising” report by online advertising company Burst Media, 77.5% of those who watch online videos consider video advertising to be intrusive, while 62.2% say it interferes with their Web navegation.

Despite the relative novelty of Internet video, the abundance of video ads is the least liked aspect of online videos by most Internet users, according to a Synovate study commissioned by video search company Clipblast !

Even in the case of long-form content, produced by professionals, such as TV shows or movies, 79% of Internet users surveyed by Piper Jaffray say they are not willing to pay for it. Does that mean they would accept ads in the videos in exchange for free content?

The eMarketer report “Video Online: Making Content Pay” will be published in August 2007.

Source: EMarketer

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