Alfredo Landa's horoscope: sensitive and intellectual

Alfredo Landa's horoscope: sensitive and intellectual

Alfredo Landa, whose full name is Alfredo Landa Areta, is a Spanish film and theater actor, who marked a very important stage in Spanish cinema, which has been called Landism. It was the time of sexual repression and uncovering, framed in comedy and then came his immersion in drama from 1976, where he won the highest national and international accolades and awards.
Films: Robbery at 3, La Verbena de la Paloma, El Verdugo, Television stories, The city is not for me, It is not for me, With a present body, Spanish love, What do we do with the children? What to serve, Those who play the piano, Devil under the pillow, Las Leandras, Cateto a Babor, You will not destroy the neighbor of the fifth, Come to Germany Pepe, Paris is well worth a girl, Manolo la Nuit, Bachelorette party, The green meadows , Lend me your wife, El Crack, Ninette and a Señor de Murcia,The Animated Forest, Sinatra, Here he who does not run flies, The Marrana, The River that takes us, Lullaby, The Heifer, The Lost Paradises, Black Badera, Tata Mía, The Prodigious Light,, The Holy Innocents, Long Live the Band, The impeccable sinner, Don Quixote, Full please, The King of the River, The penitent's tree, Story of a Kiss, The refuge of evil, The Gold of Moscow, Uncle Live c 1950, Luz de Domingo, Noah's Ark ...
Theater: did 8 plays in the 60s: Eloisa is under an almond tree, El Cacique, La Difunta, La loca de Chaillot, The green fields of Eden,Ninette and a Lord of Murcia, An umbrella in the rain, The soul serene
Theater and novels on television: from 1962 to 2003 he made chapters in theater or series such as: The man that unknown, Confidence, First Row, Husband's School, Study 1, The third rhombus, Sadness of Love, Half Orange, Full please, Finally alone, The Serrano ...
Awards: 3 GOYA Awards by The Animated Forest in 1987, The Marrana 1992, Goya de Honor 2007, plus 5 Nominations another 5 times; The Palme d'Or CANNES Film Award by The Holy Innocents in 1984; 6 nominations for Silver Frames; in 2007 Actors Union Award by Sunday light, plus 2 more candidacies; 3 TP Gold for Best Actor in 1981, 1994, 2007; 2 ACE Awards (New York Critics Association) by The Holy Innocents in 1984 and by The King of Rio 1994.
Awards: Principe de Viana Award in 2008 by Qty. Floral of Navarra, in 2011 he was awarded a Star on the Madrid Walk of Fame

Date of birth ofAlfredo Landa: 03/03/1933 in Pamplona, ​​Navarra, Spain
Date of death of Alfredo Landa: 05/9/2013 in Madrid, Spain

Zodiac sign of Alfredo Landa: Pisces

The horoscope ofAlfredo Landa It is Pisces.Alfredo Landa He is from Pamplona, ​​he grew up in Arive, a small town, in which his father was the captain of the Civil Guard. At the age of 6 they moved to live in Gerona, specifically to Figueras where they stayed for 6 years. He studied primary school at the Ramón Muntaner Institute. Later, when he was 12 years old, they went to live in San Sebastián. There he studied high school and went on to the University, where he studiedlaw career. His ease of relating and communicating made for excellent years, in which he began to do theater at theSpanish University Theater Foundation of said city. Pisces are usually precocious children, with clear ideas, very responsible and perfectionists. In one of the plays, which he did at the University, he was certain that he wanted to be a comedian. His family was against it, but when he finished his degree he decided to take the big step.

In 1958 with 7,000 Ptas. In his pocket and high hopes, he moved to Madrid with the illusion of working in the theater and there began his professional career: The Gazebo 1960, The caciques 1962… His first contact with the world of cinema was in 1962 when he was asked to do dubbing. And that my year, José Mª Forqué suggested that he doRobbery at three. That's where it started and never stopped… José Mª Forqué, Pedró Marsó, Pedro Lazaga, Their capacity for interpretation and work was enormous. He made 122 films throughout his career. Not counting the Theater or Television. As a good Pisces, he liked to explore all his possibilities. He let himself be carried away by his intuition, rather than by his mind when choosing the roles that were offered to him.

Alfredo Landa has clear Piscean features. He is a charming man. It transmits kindness, honesty and decency. He is very optimistic and very restless. As a good Pisces he is a very creative and sensitive person. Then he has a special sensitivity for everything artistic. He adapts easily to any situation and is immediately in conversation with people. Pisces have a gift for pleasing and socializing, Alfredo Landa is liked by everyone. His ease of adaptation helps him a lot when it comes to interpreting, because he gets into the role quickly and adapts to time and circumstances. It is chameleonic. Alfredo is very persistent and hard-working. It doesn't stop until the desired effect is achieved and it succeeds. In his early days, the 60s and 70s, he got into the role of the average Spaniard, who was after foreign women or women, half brute and obsessed with sex. In Spain, there was a sexual repression, which thanks to Alfredo Landa's films, which reflected this theme, served to talk and laugh at them and gradually overcome it. It marked an era and established a style. What has come to be called the landism.

Starting in 1976, he entered rural post-war Spain and embroidered his peasant and uneducated characters in such a way, with their values ​​and beliefs, that they earned him his excellent reputation as a dramatic actor and his national and international awards. From the hand of José Antonio Bardem, he shot El Puente and began his best stage as a dramatic actor: Los Santos Inocentes, La Marrana, El Crack, El rey del río, El arbol del penitente… And he established himself for Spanish cinema. He is an actor very loved by his colleagues and directors.

His private life has been very discreet. He is married to Maite Imaz, with whom he has 3 children: Ainhoa, Alfredo and Idoia. Lives in Madrid. Alfredo as a good Pisces is very altruistic, faithful and they not only seek sexual union, but also the mental and spiritual connection is very important for them. If they do not find that in their partner, they are useless and prefer to be alone.

Compatibility ofAlfredo Landa with other signs:Alfredo Landa how Pisces iscompatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and with the same sign, great. Pisces carryregular with: Libra people, Gemini. On the other handAlfredo Landa would beincompatible with couples whose sign is: Aries, Libra, Aquarius. For more information see:Pisces compatibility with the signs

Other details of interest aboutAlfredo Landa and your horoscope:

  • The Tarot card ofAlfredo Landa would beTHE EMPEROR, is power, wealth, social position, authority. (See: Letter from The Emperor)
  • The number ofAlfredo Landais he4, order, values, lack of imagination, creation ... (See:Meaning of number 4, Numerology).
  • The Chinese horoscope ofAlfredo Landa it isTHE ROOSTER are prosperity and rewarded work, born leader, ... (See: Meaning ofROOSTER of the Chinese horoscope)
  • The color ofAlfredo Landa is hepurple, gray, white and blue.
  • The Element ofAlfredo Landa: it isWater.
  • The planet ofAlfredo Landa it isNeptune.
  • The stone ofAlfredo Landa it isAmethyst, Topaz, Chrysolite.

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