Tips for traveling to Tuscany (Italy)

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Tuscany is full of charms, lush and breathtakingly beautiful nature. But to enjoy it to the fullest and reduce its inconveniences, we are going to give you some useful tips.

1. Plan well the days of stay

Tuscany can absorb the attention and interest of its visitors in hundreds of places. It is much more than Florence and Siena.

It is essential to plan and identify priorities: cities, towns, landscapes, etc.

  • What to visit in Tuscany

2. Mosquitoes and insects

Go well prepared to fight Tuscan mosquitoes and insects in summer.

They are abundant and very persistent in their efforts to bite. Repellents, candles, afterbite... everything will be little.

In local pharmacies and supermarkets you will find anti-mosquito “weapons”.

It is advisable not to open the rooms in rural houses if they do not have insect protection fabric.

Even being in a garden or swimming pool after 6 pm can be dangerous, clouds of mosquitoes with a terrible hunger can attack!

3. Allergies pollen

Spring and summer nature explodes and pollen is abundant in quantity and variety. It is also convenient to take your antihistamines with you.

4. Food and gastronomy of Tuscany

Fruits and vegetables, olive oil, breads, aromatic herbs…. The large Mediterranean garden in Tuscany is magnificent.

The local markets are full of color and flavor. Giant watermelons, small melons, magnificent apricots, pears, grapes… And all kinds of excellent vegetables and greens.

We advise buy in local marketsThere are also organic products.

One food chain present in many towns is the commercial network of hypermarket cooperatives Coop; Here you can find quality food products (bakery, pasta, cheeses, meats, fruit, vegetables, etc.) and home.

5. Wines of Tuscany

We remember that it is the cradle of Chianti, that when it is drunk in the place and with local products it is much more palatable. The Chianti region itself, within Tuscany and its villages are a must see (see our map of Tuscany). Do not stop enjoying this excellent wine.

6. Driving and circulation

Rural roads, pedestrian crossings ... Driving with much caution on rural roads from Tuscany. On some of the roads that go into the countryside and hills, with poor visibility, there is hardly any way for a car to circulate.

Some italians they circulate at high speed down these roads. Caution and maximum attention must be exercised.

In many cities and towns, a large majority of drivers does not respect zebra crossings giving preference to pedestrians.

Exercise caution. Also in the accesses to the highways (many of them with pavements in quite poor condition and without a shoulder) there is no acceleration lane in their accesses.

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