Metal Sonic Homemade Costume

Metal Sonic Homemade Costume

Kids Metal Sonic Costume

Metal Sonic is a character from Sonic video games, he is a robotic copy of Sonic and also one of his main enemies. All this I have learned recently because my little son started saying that he wanted to go dressed as Metal Sonic for carnival.

The Monday before carnival, seeing that he had no intention of changing his mind, we had to improvise something similar to a Metal Sonic costume, so we resorted to eva rubber (a great invention) to try to make him have his costume.

In the end it has not been so bad, and it also serves as an idea for a robot costume, except for the part of the head, it looks more like a bunny haha, but I have not thought of another way to solve it. In the photos it is not seen but he had the hood on and the ears on top and they gave the hit; D

The fact is that he was super happy with his costume and he had a blast, so I am going to explain how we did it because it is very easy to do and maybe it will inspire you.

Materials needed to make Metal Sonic costume:

  • Blue, yellow and red eva rubber (the last one we have not used, the red one is to make the boots)
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Liquid silicone
  • Perforator
  • Black elastic band
  • Black and red paint for eyes
  • Dark gray trousers and t-shirt

How to make the Metal Sonic costume:

  • Metal Sonic is a robot and wears blue and yellow ornaments on the body, and the extremities, so cut out two rectangles in an irregular way for the legs, and two smaller ones for the forearms, as wristbands, the latter have some details in yellow.
  • For the body, cut a piece of oval blue eva rubber. Then make the turbine that is in the center of the body with a piece of yellow rubber and with the black marker, finish giving it the shape.
  • The most complicated thing has been the part of the head (we have not been very successful) we have made ears in blue and yellow and we have glued them to a headband, we have also cut a piece of eva rubber with a rounded shape in front and with a peak behind to try to shape the helmet of the character and we have glued it on the inside of the headband.
  • To finish, make some holes in the sides of each element and pass an elastic tape to be able to attach it to the body.

With this idea you can also make a superhero or warrior or robot costume but without the ears 😉

Thanks for visiting us and happy day (^ ー ^)

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