Changes to Facebook approved by users

Changes to Facebook approved by users

A majority of Facebook users have voted in favor of the changes that give them control over the content and data they post on the site.

The first results suggest that 75% of voters support the proposals.

The vote came as a result of changes made in February by Facebook in its terms and conditions of use.

Facebook's initiative aroused the ire of users, apparently giving the social network ownership of the images, videos and personal data published by users on their profile pages.

In response to criticism, Facebook withdrew the changes, drafted a new set of terms, and invited its 200 million members to have a say in their vote.

The new terms give users back control of what is done with the data they post on the site and give them the right to request that it be deleted if they stop using Facebook.

Some 600,000 people in total participated in the vote that lasted one week. In principle, Facebook said that it would only adopt these new terms if 30% of its members supported them. However, announcing the results on the Facebook blog, Ted Ullyot, Facebook's chief legal officer, commented that they would still adopt them.

According to him, a preliminary count suggested that 74.4% of users would support Facebook's new principles.

Now, an external auditor is evaluating the votes to give the final result.
"We hope that participation will be greater in future votes," he said.

Source: BBC Technology

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