Goodbye to stockings

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It is already Spring and with it has arrived the allergy, the pastel colors and the dresses.

As it is not too hot, but not too cold, people do not know what to wear.

You go out to the street and see a girl in a tank top, short skirt, black stockings and boots. Or another with a sweater, shorts and sandals ... And the jacket? Am I taking it or not taking it? What a mess!!

I'm not going to say what you have to wear, because we should all have the freedom to express ourselves freely with our clothes, but I do tell you, that at this temperature and at this time, WE ARE GOING TO FORGET ABOUT THE STOCKINGS.

Whenever I think of stockings, I remember my father telling me that he does not understand women, that they are a stupid accessory and that they are useless (apparently once he put some, under pants, to keep warm, and everything happened less heat)

1. Transparent or shiny stockings,
Why use them? Do they shelter? Do they stylize? Is it fashionable to have shiny legs and I have not found out?

2. The black stockings,
they are a complete setback. In winter, you are cold with them and in spring it is ridiculous to use them. So… when do I wear them?

3. Then there are the complexes of "white legs“…
AND WHAT ELSE GIVES? Some day they have to start taking color, why not today?

4. Or the typical of want to hide.
Do you honestly think that the stockings are going to hide something from you?

Out with the complexes, out with your preconceptions PUT YOUR LEGS IN THE AIR !!!

And if you resist this, or you still have a cold, I propose a simple and useful solution: wear pants.



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