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How to overcome the fear of death

How to overcome the fear of death

The only way to overcome your fear of death is by changing the way you see it

They teach us that death is something separate from life, but it is not true. Death is here present, with us. And accepting that is what will allow you to free yourself from the fear that you have.

If we don't learn to face our fear and conquer it, it will always be fluttering through our heads, appearing when we least expect it.

And since death is going to follow us wherever we go in our entire lives, isn't it better that we get over it sooner rather than later?

There is no beginning and end

Imagine a big fluffy white cloud in the sky. Later, when it starts to rain, you don't necessarily see the same cloud. It is no longer there. But the truth is that the cloud is part of the rain.

It has not disappeared, it has simply changed. It becomes rain, level, ice or a thousand different ways, but a cloud never disappears.

That cloud is us. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is simply transformed. When we die we are simply changing our state. It does not necessarily mean that everything is over, it is simply another reality in which to participate.

When we stop seeing death as the end of life, we can truly understand it and accept it beyond fear. From that perspective, knowing that we are going to die makes us feel more alive than ever.

Overcome your fear of death by changing the way you see it. This video will help you:

Don't be afraid of death, be afraid not to live.

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Video: Overcoming the Fear of Death. Sadhguru. Part1 (September 2020).