Sayings about Nature

Sayings about Nature

Nature, meteorology and time are the main theme of these nature sayings.


  • -Year of snow, year of goods.
  • -Nature is not enough, but man is not fed up.
  • -By Saint Blas, you will see the stork and if you don't see it, you have a bad year.
  • -When it rains and it is sunny, the snail comes out for a walk.
  • -Trees at sunset, in the morning the ceiling.
  • -San Isidro Labrador, remove the cold, give the clouds and bring out the sun.
  • -Arco in the afternoon, good weather wait.
  • -When the sun gets covered, or rain or wind.
  • -The water will have something when they bless it.
  • -September either dries up the fountains or takes away the bridges.
  • -Water that you don't have to drink, let it run.
  • -When the rainbow is seen or it has rained or is going to rain.
  • -To bad weather, good face.
  • -If June is humid and hot, you see the smiling peasant.
  • -Tree that grows crooked never straightens its trunk.

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