Complementary Insurance

Complementary Insurance

All Risk Insurance

Defense in fines, Carnet Withdrawal, Repair Loan, Substitution Vehicle and Major Damages.

Defense in fines

The insurance offers the service of carrying out the paperwork, to carry out the administrative procedures necessary to appeal the traffic fines for sanctions imposed on your vehicle in circulation.

The insured in front of a traffic fine can decide to pay it or appeal it. If you decide to appeal it and you have the Defense in Fines within the insurance, it will be the insurance who will write the writing to appeal it.

Some policies have limitations with certain fines, such as not appealing fines for parking or those that do not exceed 90 euros. This happens because they are detached from the most common fines (read the fine print). It is important to be clear that the insurer will only make the appeal letter as many times as necessary, but if it is revoked firmly, it will not be responsible for the amount of the fine to be paid. The fine will be paid by the insured. This coverage is ideal for those people who usually commit offenses, such as leaving the car improperly parked or turning in a U when it is not allowed or following a road that indicates forbidden direction, etc.

Withdrawal of the Driving License

Faced with a withdrawal of the driving license, the insurer will pay a compensation with an amount of money in order to cover the travel expenses (taxi, train, etc.) of the insured. The withdrawal of the license must have been carried out by means of an administrative resolution or by a court ruling, due to fault, recklessness or negligence in response to an infringement of the driving rules.

The only condition for this insurance to cover you is that the withdrawal of the card has been made during the validity of the policy. The compensation has a maximum amount and a maximum of time, for example one month and there are cases that insurers compensate for a year. The compensation depends on the annual premium and is generally between 480 euros up to 1200 euros. This coverage will not be effective in cases where the withdrawal of the license was due to driving in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs or narcotics, if there is serious imprudence, etc.

Who chooses to hire? Their hiring is justified only in the case that the insured uses the vehicle to work, it is essential, without it they cannot carry out their work and have no other alternative.

With the new provisions, which will come into force as of July 2006, the possibility of temporary suspension of the driving license in response to the new regulation arises. The Card Withdrawal Insurance takes on a new importance. This coverage is used by professional drivers such as truckers, who in case of license withdrawal receive monthly compensation for a period of one year.

Repair Loan

The insurance lends money to the insured to repair the car after a claim. In order to access the loan, it is a condition that the repairs arise due to an accident (it does not cover if it is a breakdown) and in the case that it is not the fault of a third party (in that case it would pay the other's insurance) and that none of the insurance included your policy covers the claim. The loan can be through the same company or with the intervention of a bank. The differences are that the bank will demand a lot of conditions, on the other hand with the insurance they will not be necessary. The modality is for monthly installments and the repayment terms are generally one year. The maximum and minimum amounts will depend on the type of policy contracted, you should read the general conditions of your policy.

Sustitution vehicle

Very convenient when we leave the car in the repair shop. This coverage offers a replacement car or compensation in money, to pay for the insured's travel while the repairs are carried out. It is not enough to have this coverage contracted, but the car must also have been repaired due to an accident.

It must have been injured through no fault of third parties. That is to say: in the event that when your car was stolen it had been damaged and pending to go to the workshop to be repaired, or when it was found after an accident and that the insured car had been guilty of the accident needing to be repaired

The replacement vehicle will be given to you for a maximum time limit, if the repair exceeds that time the insured must pay the rental of the sub-pocket replacement car. As for compensation with money, it also has a capped amount with a fixed amount per day and for a maximum of 8 days. You should check in the general conditions of your policy what your coverage is.

Important: Know that this coverage begins when the insurance has a repair order and for that the insurance and the workshop have to agree with the cost budget for the repair of the car. That can take several days, you can be without a car or without compensation for a couple of days.

Great Damage

The insurance will pay compensation in the case of an accident where the car has been so damaged that it is considered as great damage, without guilty third parties and that the damages cannot be covered by the other coverages. This coverage only covers in those three cases. Large damages are considered when the repair of the car exceeds the value of the insured capital in percentage. And it will also be determined by the age of the car, a two-year-old car is not the same as a 6-year-old. Compensation is paid as in the case of a total claim, taking into account the new value, market value, etc.

Various insurances included in car insurance:

  • Mandatory Civil Liability
  • Voluntary Civil Liability
  • Travel Assistance
  • Legal defense
  • Driver's Insurance
  • Stole
  • Fire
  • Moons
  • Own Damage
  • Defense in fines
  • Withdrawal of driving license
  • Repair loan
  • Sustitution vehicle
  • Big damage

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