Investing in nanotechnology in the European Union

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German investment in nanotechnology is ahead of other member states.

New figures from Technology Transfer Center (TTC) show that Germany is investing much more in nanotechnology than other European countries. Globally, Japan's investment is poised to overtake that of the US, and Europe as a whole ranks third behind them.

In Europe, Germany's annual investment in nanotechnology far exceeds that of any other European country: at 330 million euros, it is roughly equivalent to that of all other European countries combined.

Through the program Seventh Framework Program (FP7), the EU will contribute around 600 million euros per year until 2013. According to the TTC, this additional financing will make Europe's annual investment in nanotechnology exceed those of the US and Japan.

“Overall, it seems that Europe can be compared to other areas; However, apart from Germany, no other country has focused on nanotechnology and its potential in the way that the US and several countries in the Asian Pacific have done, ”says the TTC.

And it's not just the German government that is investing in nanotechnology. There are currently more than 300 nanotechnology companies in Europe, of which a third are established in Germany. This country, along with the United Kingdom, also leads in terms of SME activity. And well-known German companies such as Daimler Chrysler, Schott, Carl Zeiss, Siemens, BASF and Bayer are also demonstrating their willingness to investigate the potential of nanotechnology through a significant investment.

After Germany and the United Kingdom, Switzerland, France and Sweden are the countries with the highest number of nanotechnology companies, but the numbers remain low, below 20.

Source: Cordis

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