Aries - Leo

Aries - Leo

Aries and Leo. Fire + Fire

The immediate attraction between Aries and Leo is very strong And both Aries and Leo will grow up in each other's company and will want to get to know their partner better on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. Thus, the compatibility between Aries and Leo is very high.

Both are signs of fire, which can lead to some confrontations and a clash of egos. However, compatibility is high and Aries and Leo will share a great social life and a long-term relationship of sentimental commitment, if they manage to share the limelight.

So much Aries like Leo are impulsive individuals, with great creativity, so that both are in a position to understand and support each other's ambitions. If the two of you help each other, both of you will achieve your individual long-term goals.

Both of you can also make a great work team if you manage to complement each other's skills rather than compete with each other.

Aries and Leo are the proudest signs of the zodiac and they both like to dominate the situation. Hence, for this combination to work in the long term, the couple must be built on the basis of mutual respect, and with careful planning, so that both members of the couple have the opportunity to make decisions equally. However, it may be impossible to avoid the clash of desires and attempts to dominate the other.

From the point of view of sexual intercourse, it is an extremely compatible combination. Both signs will be willing to impose themselves by pleasing the other, so they will make sure to cover the deepest needs of their partner.

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The most compatible Leos for this combination are those born between August 13 and 23, because this period is ruled by Aries and, in this way, both members of the couple will be reflected in the other.


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