Meaning of name Evaristo

Meaning of name Evaristo

Evaristo masculine name of Greek origin "Eu-aristos", what does it mean"He who is appropriate to please"or"The one who is helpful"

History and the Saint

Saint Evaristo, pope and martyr. He was born in Greece in the year 60, in a Jewish family. There is no information about his Christian conversion, he stood out as a great guardian of ecclesiastical discipline. When Pope Anacleto died in 97, he was elected pope. He created norms for consecration, the pastoral work of bishops and deacons, ordered the public blessing of marriage, and wrote letters to the faithful in Africa and Egypt.
His saint is celebrated on October 26.

Others Santos Evaristo: Saint Evaristo, martyr is celebrated on October 14 and December 23.

Variant of Evaristo:

Evaristo in other languages, Catalan: Evarist;French: Evariste, English: Evarist; Italian: Evaristo

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Evaristo:

  • Evaristo PĂ©rezde Castro, was born in Valladolid in 1778, was president of the government in two periods from 1820 to 1821 and from 1838 to 1840.
  • Evaristo San Miguel, was born in Asturias in 1785, president of the government from 1822 to 1823

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