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MIT's Technology Review has published an interesting article that raises a debate on the future of iPod: Will Apple's iPod system continue to increase its sales? Or will the latest improvements in the audio systems of the latest generation of cell phones curb the trend?

According to some, consumers are willing to forego quality in favor of convenience, as evidenced by the success of the mobile camera phone market, whose sales have far exceeded the number of digital camera sales.

However, the author of the article argues that true photo enthusiasts who want to take quality photos and save or print them are looking for the kind of quality that only a digital camera and not a camera phone can deliver. And he maintains that the same will happen in the music market. There will be consumers willing to sacrifice quality for convenience, but music fans will opt for an iPod as long as the sound quality offered by Apple's system is so superior to the quality of cell phones.

The second question that arises in the debate is whether consumers will be willing to carry two devices, each with a function (iPod for entertainment and telephone for communication) or if, over time, they will demand a single device capable of performing both functions. . According to technologists consulted by the author of the article, in the long term consumers will be willing to carry two devices, but the author believes that his opinion is the result of his knowledge about the difficulty of manufacturing a single device capable of sending and receiving data without cable on the one hand and store and reproduce them on the other.

The author believes that consumers will only want to carry one device, but that this does not necessarily mean that the iPod will disappear. He believes that a large percentage of consumers in the developed world will have a mobile phone and an iPod, but depending on the situation or circumstance we will use one model or the other. Possibly the musical ability of phones affects the number of iPod sales, but this author's opinion is not to the point of posing a danger to Apple.

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