Nintendogs is a new Nintendo game that combines excellent graphics of dog models with technological advances to create this new type of “cyber-pet”. Such has been its success in Japan in recent months, that Nintendogs will arrive in Europe in October this year.

Nintendogs follows the philosophy of earlier electronic pet inventions like the Tamagotchi and Aibo. But this is a much more advanced type of pet than its predecessors.

Owners of a Nintendogs game can name their dog, care for it, and enter dog shows. But they can also pet them through the touch screen, and teach them simple tricks through the microphone. When they are taken out for a walk to relieve themselves, you have to collect the result in a bag before you can continue.

The main attraction of the new Nintendogs are the dog models (they are available in several breeds) that some industry experts classify as "technically brilliant" because they manage to be so much like a real dog.

Video: Nintendogs DS OST (September 2020).