Meaning of Joaquin name

Meaning of Joaquin name

Joaquin, male name of Hebrew origin "Yehoyakin", it means "Yahweh will establish, form"or"One who works with God's approval".

History and the Saint

San Joaquin and Santa Ana, parents of the Virgin Mary. The names of the parents of the virgin come from the apocryphal called Protoevangelio de Santiago. The knowledge that he has of them comes from stories of apocryphal literature and not always coincidental. Saint Anne was fervently worshiped in the 15th century, until it became a fashionable devotion among Greek Christians. The saints were venerated separately, thus the Greeks celebrated the death of Saint Anne on July 25; coinciding with the basilica in his honor "Saint Anne of Constantinople"; Finally, July 26 was established for the celebration of the two saints.

OthersSantos Joaquín: San Joaquín Royo, martyr is celebrated on October 29; San Joaquín, religious Servite on April 16 and San Joaquín de Siena, religious on February 3.

Variant of Joaquin

Joaquin variant Quim, Quino, Kin, Chimo.

Joaquin in other languages:

  • Catalan: Joaquim.
  • French and English: Joachim.
  • Italian: Gioachino, Gioacchino, Giovacchino.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Joaquín

  • Joaquin Cortes, was born in Córdoba in 1969, an outstanding flamenco dancer and choreographer, notable for his scenic sense.
  • Joaquin Rodrigo, was born in Sagunto in 1901. Famous Spanish composers for creating the most popular piece of the Spanish classical period, "Aranjuez's concert", 1940.
  • Joaquin Sabina, was born in Úbeda, Jaén in 1949. Well-known popular singer.
  • Joaquin Salvador Washed. Contemporary Argentine cartoonist creator of "Mafalda", 1964, the young prodigy who observes everyday reality, her friends and family.
  • Joaquin Turina, was born in Seville in 1882. Pianist, composer and conductor, he managed to combine harmonic language and Andalusian rhythm with an impressionist orchestra.

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