EU nanotechnology for industrial applications

EU nanotechnology for industrial applications

Researchers from the European Nano-FIB project have rushed to bring their technology from the laboratory to the market. The presentation of the official transfer of this new technology took place at the French national research center, the CNRS, last week.

Working at the nano-scale requires very precise tools, such as focused ion streaks capable of manipulating matter on a smaller scale than ever before. They wanted to make a "pencil" or beam of FIB energy smaller than 10 nanometers in diameter. And they have succeeded.

The European Union supports this type of research because of its potential revolutionary impact on a wide variety of industrial applications. The most familiar use of small-scale manufacturing technologies is the manufacture of microprocessors and other integrated circuits. Normally, a silicone crystal is sketched and soaked with other elements by light beam methods. But the light rays are beginning to reach their limit according to experts, although ultra violet ray technology will increase the possibilities of optical organization.

Source:, EU nano-project revs up for commercial success

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