Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel

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Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel, one of the most romantic hotels in the UK

In the Lake District there are treasures like the Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel. A jewel in a comforting environment of peace and tranquility.


This Relais Chateaux does its job to the point of having many distinguished guests like John Major and being the setting chosen by many distinguished couples to celebrate their wedding. Dream gardens, and especially a location on the shore of Lake Ullswater with dreamy sunsets.

Excellent cuisine and breakfasts, almost second to none, recognized by a Michelin star. Dinner at Sharrow Bay is unbeatable. Especially if you are lucky enough to enjoy one of the lounge chairs where you can see Lake Ullswater and its sunset. Something that also happens in its elegant dining room, while enjoying a dinner that exceeds the high expectations of its restaurant and a refined and impeccable service in its forms.

His walks in the surroundings of the lake, or his well-kept gardens, in which even the birds that visit him every month of the year are detailed, favor one of the most romantic and passionate environments. It was at this hotel that Sir Paul MacCartney proposed to his second wife, Heather Mills. By the way, some passion took place the day before our visit. The local press reported a fight at a distinguished wedding in Sharrow Bay in which the bride was assaulted. The next day, when we arrived, peace was complete.

The Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel, a Michelin star and also within the Relais & Chateaux (the oldest member of the United Kingdom of this chain), one of the most romantic hotels in the United Kingdom, houses on its grounds and extensive dependencies a small cattle and sheep cabin (see photos of Sharrow Bay)

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