Study English and soccer

Study English and soccer

When it comes to traveling during the summer, one option for children is to study English and play soccer. This idea has many possibilities for those parents who find traveling to England attractive.

Let's try to give some ideas for parents and children that will help both of you have a good time. We tell you.

Three sites for children - young people with the formula study English and train football:

  • Bobby Charltons Soccer Schools and Sport Academy. It is neither more nor less than the school that the legendary player Bobby Charltons founded and that has in its asset having discovered Manchester United the name of a young man named David Beckham. His strengths are: a good training and teaching of soccer. Its weaknesses: personnel with little qualification to attend especially to the little ones, with faults that must be qualified in some serious cases (lack of attention, control, etc.). This opinion was shared during the test summer (2007) by at least three families. The facilities of the receiving school Myerscough College (dining rooms, dormitory, etc.) are of average type. We do not recommend this school for children under 12 years old. See photos Bobby Charltons Academy. Parents can carry out parallel activities. See Lake District and Lake District Hotels.
  • Exsportise (for more information see our English and Sport page). Undoubtedly the highest quality option in services and facilities, although it does not admit children under 10 years of age. It allows, in addition to football, many other sports with excellent coaches and facilities, both at Seaford College (South Downs, West Sussex) and Clayesmore School (Bournemouth). It is the highest quality and most recommended option, although the prices are also the highest.
  • University of Bath Summer Activities (Team Bath). We put it as an example of many other offers that can be found in different English cities. The University of Bath offers an attractive flexible and cheap formula. It consists of daily activities for children (7 to 14 years old) to practice soccer and other sports from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and the children themselves have to bring their packed-lunch. It is not boarding school: most of the children who attend are from local families whose parents work during school holidays. The facilities are excellent. For parents: see Bath Guide.

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