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The Virgo sign is discreet, farsighted, analyst, critical, thoughtful, meticulous, orderly, perfectionist and hard-working.

On this page we tell you more about Virgos, personality of the sign, compatibility with other horoscopes, the secrets to conquer them, their virtues and strengths, their weaknesses, what to give a Virgo, what are their symbols ...


Characteristics of the Virgo sign, affinity with other signs in love and personal relationships. Profile of the zodiac sign.

Are considered Virgo those born between 08/22 - 09/22

Virgo Characteristics

Virgos have adiscreet and serious personality. They are very strict in everything in life and very organized. They plan everything, so that it goes perfectly. They are athletes, minimalists, very good at work and their house is always in perfect order ...

Compatibility Virgo

Virgo is a very shy sign and does not open easily to others ... His friends are few and those of a lifetime. You don't feel the need to be nice to everyone. His seriousness and few words make him seem distant.

See the Compatibility of Gemini with the other signs of the zodiac

How to conquer Virgo

Virgo is a bit closed and not easy to conquer. It will take a good conversation, a good dose of intellect, to win him over. He is selective with his friends and has a hard time opening up to the opposite sex. If you like a Virgo, you will have to be patient. Everything you need to know about how to win a Virgo man or a Virgo woman.

How is Virgo in sex

Virgo is very modest and keeps the subject of sexuality secret. They have few relationships throughout their lives, because they are only intimately with her husband. Ideas from the experts to make love to the Virgo sign. Virgo and sex

What to give a Virgo

What to give to a friend, family member or partner if your sign is Virgo ... see more. Gifts for Virgo

Virgo symbols

As we have commented, its element is Earth, but there are more symbols that characterize Virgo.

Famous characters who are Virgo:

Michael Jackson, Lance Armstrong, Anastacia, Freddie Mercury, Keanu Reeves, Mother Teresa, Agatha Christie, Raquel Welch, Elvis Costello, Lauren Bacall, VanMorrison, Barry White, Hugh Grant, Cameron Diaz, Claudia Schiffer, RichardGere, Gloria Estefan, Sean Connery , Greta Garbo, YaserArafat.

Annual horoscope for the sign Virgo

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