Black Magic: Protection Rituals

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Rituals of Protection against Black Magic and negative and toxic people, which make us Evil Eye:

  1. First of all is avoid toxic people, negative people and envious people. They are usually known: friends, family, co-workers ...
    Stop seeing her, move away and separate yourself completely, radically from that person, so that she does not know anything about you and does not have access to your energies.

  2. If you have no choice but to treat it, stop telling your life, intimacies, activities ... May she lose strength over you. The less you know the less you can do.
  3. Don't let it touch you nor use your clothes. Do not leave her alone in your house or room, because with some article of clothing she could do a ritual.
  4. Do not take photos with her or allow her to take photos of you with her mobile.

    Bowl with candle for a Black Magic protection ritual

  5. Don't look her directly in the eye.
  6. If you have it in front, protect yourselves by crossing your armsImagine yourself with a golden, mother-of-pearl or red cuirass.
  7. Do not leave to use your beauty products or let him stay with none.
  8. Do not eat or drink nothing prepared by her.
  9. Do not let it enter your bathroom. You can say that it is stuck, that it uses another. All this, because if he takes any hair yours, it would serve for a ritual as well.
  10. If he gives you something, throw it away directly to the garbage: from some chocolates, to a costume jewelery, to some clothes, to a framed photograph ... Nothing because it will be charged by that energy ready to harm you.

    Black Magic Protection Ritual

  11. In the case of women, they are more vulnerable when they have the menstruation. So during those days do not see that person.
  12. The best way to protect your home of that person when it is inevitable, it is by raising a mother-of-pearl wall around our house. Visualizing that for a few minutes will protect everyone in the house.
  13. The best way to protect you when you are in front of her or you present it in the distance, it is to mentally put yourself inside a golden or mother-of-pearl cylinder. Keep that image in mind for a few minutes.
  14. By last, do not give your personal data by phone or by Internet to anyone. See: surveys, contests, requests ... I could have hired someone, to do a ritual for you and with your personal data plus something of yours that she can bring such as: hair, photo, clothes ... You would be facilitating them to prepare a ritual against you / you .

Maleficent Ritual

Rituals of protection against Black Magic

There are several things we can do at home to protect ourselves and prevent negative energies from entering the home or not affecting as much. They are rituals of White Magic harmless and beneficial, to counteract the effects of negativity and protect us from Black Magic. Let's cite a few:

  • Put bowls with coarse salt and 3 heads of garlic on the doors of the house. A bowl on each side of the door, hidden away.
  • Surround your home with salt, closing a circle.

    Surround the house or bed with salt for protection from Black Magic

  • If you are going to be at home for an entire afternoon or tomorrow, because you have decided to rest or read ... Or if you are going to be working at a desk and you are not going to move, you can surround that sofa or that table with salt and there you stay a few hours. You will clean a lot and you will feel better.
  • Bathing in the sea It is very good, because you eliminate negative energy and the evil eye, you calm down and relax. Doing Meditation on the beach is a luxury and it cleanses you completely.

  • The same around your bed, throughout the night while you sleep. You separate bed from the wall and you surround it with salt. It will protect and cleanse you.
  • Ritual to ward off Black Magic and reverse the effect. This ritual, which is also practiced at night, is to place a black candle in front of a mirrorThat is in your room, but away from you or at least, that it is not in front of your bed. If it is on one side and you cannot see yourself reflected at any time it will be fine. You leave it overnight. The black candle will absorb all the negative energy from the room and from yourself. The mirror will cause that energy to be reflected in it and turn back where it came from, that is, the negativity is reversed. In the morning put the rest of the candle in a bag and take it out to the street. Throw it in a trash can, if it is at a crossroads better. And finally clean the mirror with water and salt.

    Ritual of protection of Black Magic with mirror and black candle

  • It is good to take some protection stone. There are protection stones, which can also help you to become impenetrable to those negative or evil energies that they send you. Amethyst protects and reverses. The Tiger's Eye, Amber, Ruby, Opal, Garnet, Malachite protect and ward off evil spirits.
  • It is advisable to do Gemstone Meditation, cleanse the Aura of negative energies, clean and align the chakras, but especially do meditation with one of these stones, which I have mentioned.
  • Ritual to ward off Black Magic and reverse the effect. You need a small mirror, 1 lemon, salt, 3 white candles. The mirror will have been cleaned with water and salt previously. Make a triangle with the lit candles and place the mirror in the center. The lemon is squeezed and a few drops are put on the mirror. With the index finger it is dipped in the lemon and in the salt and 3 circles are made on the mirror. A drop of wax is poured from each of the candles on the mirror. It is said: "Clean and bright mirror, always protect me from all evil and reverse the negative energies from where they have come." Once the ritual is finished, it is cleaned again with water and salt and placed under the bed, with the mirror facing up.
    Leave the mirror under the bed for a week. A week you can do the ritual again and leave it for another week, until you feel better.

If all this does not work and you are clear that something has been done to you, go to an expert, to help you since Black Magic is dangerous and could be harmful to your health and your life.

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