Nanotex and the market for interior design fabrics

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06/06: Nano-Tex continues its expansion into the interior design fabrics market; Leading Textile Companies to Offer Enhanced Nano-Tex Fabrics in June at NeoCon Show

Nano-Tex, a leading textile innovation company that provides nanotechnology-based textile enhancements to the apparel and interior design markets, continues to expand within the latter. HON Company, a leading office furniture manufacturer, and textile companies KnollTextiles and Mayer Fabrics will offer Nano-Tex product lines early this summer. Nano-Tex has also recently announced its collaboration with leading textile companies such as Arc-Com, Architex, Carnegie, Designtex and Kravet.

Enhanced Nano-Tex textiles have been a major source of growth for the apparel industry, enabling designers to use the latest technological advances to bring better performance characteristics into fashion at a time when manufacturers and consumers alike want. more in terms of style, function and durability of clothing. The stain resistance treatment for Nano-Tex fabrics is also perfect for fabrics used in interior design, because it offers designers greater work flexibility, with a wider variety of colors, textures and fabrics.


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