An international project on nanobiotechnology It will be presented next week at the University of Kent, UK. The project is called Novel and Improved Nanomaterials, Chemistries and Apparatus for Nano-Biotechnology (NACBO) (Nanomaterials, chemicals and tools for Nano-Biotechnology) and has an initial investment of 15.6 million Euros, financed by the European Union, China and European companies.

Nanotechnology is considered as a science and a "technology that makes possible" rather than a technology itself. Ian Bruce, professor of Nanobiotechnology at the University of Kent, believes that it is necessary for Europe to get involved in the development of this field, achieving new scientific skills and offering some degree of competitiveness to the United States, a country that dominates the development of nanotechnology and nanoscience.

The new international center for nanobiotechnology brings together industrial sectors that are key for the European Union and government agencies with highly prestigious research institutes in the international arena.

Its objectives include the creation of new innovative medical treatments through the use of nanoparticles, loaded with substances capable of improving medical diagnostic systems. The research teams will also cover issues related to the potential toxicity and safety of nanomaterials.

Source: University of Kent Press Release.

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