Attitude and conduct in studies: de-dramatize

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You are probably worried about the notes that teachers send you about your son or daughter's attitude. That if you don't make an effort, you don't pay attention, you don't learn according to your age, etc. etc. In some cases you may even be informed of conflictive behavior ...

Do you remember your behavior and attitude as a child in school?

If your child is different. Remember that some children with overflowing imaginations or special abilities may have trouble accepting certain teaching or study methods. It can be very costly for them to hold their attention or show some empathy with their teachers and even with their peers.

A negative attitude is not in principle something reprehensible or bad, it simply requires your attention. You can channel your son or daughter to their potentials and correct unwanted excesses.

Here are some new suggestions and insistence To improve your child's attitude and behavior:

  • Try to convince your child to be a good student. Did you know that you can find 101 more reasons to be a good student. Choose the ones that you think will most convince your child, according to their age, position and social environment of the family, etc.
  • Try motivating your child. You know him better than anyone and surely you can find some keys to better guide his attitude and behavior.
  • You can help your child change his habits. This can help you improve in a relevant way.
  • Do you think you know your child well? Have you talked thoroughly with your teachers? Well, even if you think you know your child very well, you may want to have frequent conversations with their teachers and tutors and you adopt the most receptive position possible about what they tell you about your son or daughter.
  • I insist that perhaps your child is one of those who need a learning of "How to study". And you may be able to help him a lot

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