What is the most Esoteric sign of the entire Zodiac?

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Esoteric themes such as Astrology, Tarot, Runes, Palmistry, Occult ... They are attractive and interesting for some and maddening for others. Let's see which zodiac signs are more Esoteric:

Esoteric plus sign

What does Aries think of Esotericism?

Aries He is very pragmatic and believes only in Science, in the tangible and demonstrable. Sometime in your life, when you have to make a crucial decision, you consult in secret (it is a secret).

Man frightened by Esotericism

What does Taurus think of Esotericism?

Taurus He says he doesn't believe, but actually he does. They are very earthly too, but when they need it they go to the Tarot or Astral Chart consultations, for what interests them, they inquire, they ask, they write down… To later say that they are just nonsense.

Man with a covered face, because he does not want to see

What does Gemini think of Esotericism?

Gemini He deeply believes in all Esoteric subjects and practices them. He works the energies, his reading is varied on alternative therapies, quantum physics, spirituality, Esotericism, relaxation therapies such as Meditation, Yoga or Tai Chi ...

Guru meditating

What does Cancer think of Esotericism?

Cancer He believes in Esotericism, but he does not practice it because he is afraid of all this. Deep down he knows it's true, but he likes to say it's nonsense. Now, when you have to make a decision, you don't have time to go to one of these methods and find an answer to your fears or doubts.

Girl: dead end situation

What does Leo think of Esotericism?

Leo He believes in Esotericism, Occultism, he is very spiritual and they are usually involved in issues of these. Although at the same time they are very earthy and practical, they use both parts in their life at the same time. They are very worldly and they like to go out, spend and have fun; but at the same time, they can practice relaxing therapies, Tarot and Astrology.

The crystal ball and the sea

What does Virgo think of Esotericism?

Virgo He does not usually believe much in Esoteric themes, because they are usually very religious. His religious beliefs always prevail in him over the forces of darkness. Even so, when they have a problem they usually make use of them when they need it and do not find the solution to their problem.

Religiosity: the all-seeing eye

What does Libra think of Esotericism?

Libra he does believe in Tarot and Astrology. He is attracted to these issues, although reasoning, justice, thought always prevail… They are people who need any kind of support to help them think and make decisions.

Woman thinking and analyzing

What does Scorpio think of Esotericism?

Scorpio It is the closest sign to all Esoteric themes, Occultism, Spirituality, Quantum Physics ... They move like a fish in water in this environment, they fervently believe in it, they study it, they practice it and they feel like a fish in water deep in the subconscious. There is not even any doubt, because they know that this is so and they believe in it.

Bats at night attack

What does Sagittarius think of Esotericism?

Sagittarius it is very esoteric and intellectual. He also walks through all these subjects, taking them for granted, for truths, moving the energies, practicing whatever it takes and using divinatory methods whenever he needs them. All this mixed with outdoor life and sports, make Sagittarius a free and interesting being.

Woman under the covers

What does Capricorn think of Esotericism?

Capricorn He is pragmatic and says that he only believes in the tangible and scientifically proven, but in reality, he does believe in these things. They are religious, spiritual, and esoteric. Even if they say no, when they are interested in knowing something or having doubts, they use the Tarot to calm their spirit. In secret, of course.

Expectant and thinking woman

What does Aquarius think of Esotericism?

Aquarium He is intellectual, visionary, he is interested in science, but he does believe in these issues. What's more, he studies them, practices them and uses his global knowledge of everything, to manage his life and people. You are in no rush to talk about it. He is not always talking about Esotericism, but he is not hiding it either. In fact it is a sign that handles everything in life, for your good. Open mind.

Open mind to the Universe

What does Pisces think of Esotericism?

Pisces it is esoteric. The world of dreams and the subconscious handles it very well. He knows very well to inquire into people, both intellectually and esoterically. He loves studying these topics and uses them when he needs them. He loves to recreate environments and scenes. Candles and incense attract you indescribably and immerse you in your thoughts and analysis.

Woman Mediation

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