The House of the future

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For a long time, the great scientific laboratories or technology companies such as Intel, Philips and Microsoft have been telling us about smart homes and some have even already been built (For example Bill Gates house).

But for the first time, according to an article in MIT Technology Review, a collaborative project carried out jointly by MIT and Tiax has created the first prototype of a digital house whose advanced computer systems collect information every time the inhabitants of the house stretch. the toilet chain, turn on a light or open a closet door. Its creators say that it is the most impressive residential laboratory in the world and its objective is to study how people act in their home in order to collect information that in the future will serve to create the most perfect smart home of all so far. A house capable of responding to the real needs of its inhabitants. According to the architect and director of the MIT research team in charge of the project, "until now no one has built a scientific instrument like this, capable of measuring the relationship between people and technology."

One of the first investigations that will be carried out in the house will be to study the diet and exercise habits of the inhabitants to develop and test new technologies that help the inhabitants of the house to make healthier decisions through alert systems from messages voice until changes in the lighting of the house. Another study that will be carried out at home aims to discover the best surveillance systems for the elderly (cameras, sensors, high frequency bracelets ...) and to integrate these into the home of the future. The world population is getting bigger and bigger, and technological advances of this type are considered fundamental for the future care of this group.

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