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clear,female name of Latin origin "Clarus", its meaning "That of illustrious origin"or"The one who is clean of sin"

History and the Saint

Santa Clara de Asis, virgin. Clara Favaronenace in Assisi in 1194. Being very young when listening to Saint Francisco from Assisi feels inspired, runs away from home with her sister Santa Agnes, consecrates himself to Christ and enters the Franciscan order. Seek total and perfect poverty; promising to live without owning anything. Founding the second Franciscan order "The order of the Poor Clares", in which his mother Ortalana and his sister Beatriz enter. Patroness of Assisi and of television, laundrymen and painters. Invoked against eye ailments and blindness. His Santose celebrates on August 11.

Other Santas Clara: Santa Clara, abbess is celebrated on January 28; Santa Clara, virgin on September 23 and Santa Clara de la Cruz Montefalco, virgin on August 17.

Variant of Clara

Clear variants Clarisa, Clarinda; diminutive: Clarita
Clara in other languages, Catalan: clear, French: Claire,English: Clare; Italian: Chiara

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Clara:

  • ClaraBarton, the name by which Clarissa Harlowe Barton is known, founded the American Red Cross.
  • Clara Sanchez, was born in Guadalajara, Spain in 1955, a well-known writer of contemporary Spanish narrative.
  • Clara WieckBorn in Leipzig in 1819, a child prodigy pianist and composer married to Robert Schumann, she spread the music of her husband.

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