Meaning of dreaming of a river

Meaning of dreaming of a river

What does it mean to dream of a river or of navigating a river?

If you dream of a wild river it means that some trouble is coming.

If you dream that you are sailing on a wild river announces family problems that were not expected.

If you dream that you are sailing on a river It augurs you luck in business.

If you dream that the river has transparent and crystalline waters means that it is the ideal time to take a trip. Pleasant moments will come, when you will experience great joys and your financial situation will rise like foam.

If you dream that a river overflows It predicts loss of money, problems in your business, for which you will be involved in legal problems and your reputation will be tarnished.

If you dream that the river brings murky waters warns you that your planned trip will be full of obstacles and obstacles. Your life in general will be altered. Jealousy of your partner can disrupt your life as a couple.

If you dream that you are bathing in it (clothed or naked) It is a very good omen, it announces the arrival of a good economic streak: wealth, business ...

If you dream that you are crossing a river and manage to get to the other shore without problem It means that you will be able to overcome any obstacle and make your economy bear fruit.

Dreaming of rivers that are very full of water it means that you will live a period of stress where fatigue will make its appearance and will condition the normal rhythm of life.

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