BIMAT against chicken flu

BIMAT against chicken flu

The dissemination of BIMAT to which we referred a week ago continues. It is a nanotechnology biosensor created in Cambridge that could play a vital role in protecting the planet from what the World Health Organization calls "the most serious threat the world is facing today," the so-called " avian flu ”or“ chicken flu ”.

Cambridge University’s Center for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE) has developed BiMAT, a technology that could help early detection of avian flu in humans and animals, potentially saving millions of lives. The project has received funding from both CAPE and Advance Nanotech, and could be put into use in 2007.

Source: Business Weekly, Cambridge joins bird ’flu battle. See also: Photonics, Advance Nanotech, CAPE to Fund Biosensor Program to Detect Bird Flu.
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