Theme: Tenderness

Theme: Tenderness

Have you ever analyzed this emotion that we call tenderness? Is tenderness happy, is tenderness sad? Doesn't tenderness seem more like a seed of a smile that bears the fruit of a tear? In feeling we feel anguish precisely because of that very thing that gives us pleasure. Thus we love innocence because it is made up of simplicity, purity, insuspect, native benevolence, noble credulity. More precisely, these qualities make us sad because the person who owns them will be the victim of the double, impure, suspicious, malevolent and skeptical that populate society. Innocence does not excite us, innocence does not anger us, innocence touches us.

Ortega y Gasset

The sweet longing for the love that awaits,
perhaps restless and with mortal suspicion;
the beautiful fortune that gallant crossed,
There in the night, between the fearful veil
The long-awaited appointment that takes time to arrive
to the impatient and loving longing,
the woman and the voice of her sweetness,
that inspires tenderness to the celestial soul;
at the same time in rapid storm,
my soul was constantly stirring,
like the waves that lashes with violent
anger, impetuous whirlwind.

Eyes that shed tears that veil
its clear light enhancing its tenderness,
while sighs from her lips fly
with fatigue that increases its beauty;
and as the churning curls fall
that suffocate her anxious face,
increases in his sorrow his spells
the white hand that goes away.

Jose de Espronceda

I will never forget you; continuous employment
you will be of my tenderness and my memory,
and although in vain, also of my desire

Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos

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