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As everyone knows, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A fundamental piece in the daily diet and simply in the English meals are extraordinary. In the country, on a farm, breakfast still tastes better. The products are fresher, the relaxed and clean atmosphere invites you to enjoy it much more.

English breakfasts on a farm

The scrambled eggs, the crispy, toasted bacon just out of the oven. The quality of all dairy products, especially the delicious butter, the homemade jams made with fruits of the forest and the artisan breads of the towns, which of them better. This was more than enough, although sometimes we bought specialties of sweet butter cookies and other artisan products from the nearby farm shops or the Bakery of Marshfield. The breakfast table was quite a sight, to which even the beautiful bouquet of lilies that Brett had left us in welcome and that he brought each week contributed.

The breakfast ritual on the farm

To start you have to get up early. It is unavoidable. In these latitudes, further north during summers, the light enters strongly at five in the morning. Then there are the numerous birds of very different types that seem to meet in a morning concert and the roosters logically make their best kiskiriskis. Also the rest of the farm animals woke up with energy. Our neighbors the horses grazed at about 70 meters and did not give up neighing in order to be noticed. There were a lot of early risers out there. The breakfast table was the first act of the morning. There the last decisions were made to execute the plan for the day. The kitchen was surrounded by large windows, most of which looked out onto a stunning landscape. The meadow and the mountain are overlaid by all the window with the splendid green of summers in England. What amount of green hues! Let's count them.

Although we never finished doing the inventory since the essential toasts with butter and jam flooded the whole house with their fragrance and did not let us carry out our accounting tasks. At the end of the succulent breakfast we already had energy to undertake the day's plan with enthusiasm and optimism. Somehow breakfast was the best complement to a perfect night's sleep, in the "silence" of the countryside. Back in Spain, loaded with butter, jams, even "marmite" and still some bread of origin, if we have tried to repeat this type of breakfast in the city we have found that things do not taste the same. And it is that the setting, the setting of the farm were essential for a perfect breakfast.

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