Meaning of dreaming about the father

Meaning of dreaming about the father

What does it mean to dream of father or hugging him?

Dream about your father, is dreaming of a symbol that normally represents authority and protection. Maybe you should learn to be more self-sufficient in real life. It can also mean, that a time of trouble and difficulty is coming and you will need the advice of him or someone with the same experience as a parent.

Dream about the death of your father It can be a warning about developing your job or your own business.

Dream about your fatherWhen he has already passed away, it means that his business is not working well and he will need all his strength and intelligence to redirect him and make him profit.

Dreaming about beating your father It represents your need to get closer to him and feel that he is listening to you.

If a woman dreams of her dead father, it means that your lover is cheating on you or planning to do so.

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