Removals: permits, inventories, notifications and insurance

Removals: permits, inventories, notifications and insurance

Request work leave for transfer

Porley is entitled to one working day per transfer, but according to the agreements, the union to which he belongs or the sector where he works may increase the leave for 2 or 3 more days. Otherwise, you can schedule the move for a weekend and have more time.

Take inventory of each box

The boxes must be numbered and an inventory will be made of their content. This will be very useful when distributing the boxes in the new house. This way you can easily establish that the moving employees place the different boxes in the corresponding rooms. Imagine opening a box in the upper room and that they are kitchen utensils, you would have to lower the box to the kitchen. Another trick is to deliver the person in charge of coordinating the move a plan of the new house with the numbered boxes distributed in the different rooms.

Permits to the town hall

It is not the same to carry out a transfer in the center of the city as in the periphery. In the center you may need to cut traffic, you will have to request a permit at the city hall. It is also required when furniture has to be lowered or raised on the front of the building or when the truck needs to go up on the sidewalk. The moving companies are the ones who carry out the procedures but the costs of the permits are always borne by the person who has hired the service. To raise or lower bulky furniture, pulleys or slides are used and thus move the furniture up stairs or facades, mechanical cranes are also used with a platform that goes up and down; leaning against one of the windows on the facade. The boxes and furniture are moved there.

Packaging supplies

If the packaging is done by you with your family, the company must provide everything you need. There are boxes and containers of various sizes with quick and practical solutions so that packing is not a problem. Such as vertical boxes with bars to hang clothes or sturdy boxes to carry dishes and glasses, etc. They must also supply the adhesive tapes, seals, blankets, bubble wrap for the most fragile items, blankets to cover the furniture, etc., that is, everything necessary for the packing and packaging of household items. When the budget is low cost, all these things will be charged separately.

Notify the change of address

  • Perhaps it is the most important step and the one that everyone forgets until they realize once they are installed in the new house when the bills do not arrive.
  • They must notify the different companies that provide the services to terminate the contract in their name from the old house and move it to the new house. The most common services are electricity, natural gas, water and the telephone, which we will treat separately.
  • Telephone lines can be terminated or moved to your new home, the great thing about the move is that the same phone number is kept and we save the trouble of having to notify our friends and relatives of the change. This is feasible when the move is within the same town hall.
  • While all the notifications of change of address are made effective, the neighbors can visit our mail and you come once a week to pick it up.
  • Apart from services, make a list of other departments, associations, clubs, magazine subscriptions, etc .; who send payments by mail, event announcements, etc. and that it is very possible that now he does not remember. You can use and search the paper cabinets.

Home insurance

If the home you will be leaving was insured, call your insurance company to insure the new home. See Home Insurance

Once installed in the new house

  • Lamaral health care center corresponding to your new address and request a new GP for you and your whole family.
  • Maybe you are interested in changing the branch of your bank, call the office where they normally operate and request a branch transfer. Remember that the closer to home your office is, the more time and money you gain.
  • If you have small children and want to change schools, the request to transfer the children should have been made at the time you acquired your new home. The necessary procedures are very simple, but the schools take their time.
  • Register the whole family in the new home.

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