Cancer Symbols

Cancer Symbols

The sign of Cancer is the home builder within the Zodiac. For those born between (21/6 - 20/7).

Cancer is governed by Moon. His symbol is the crab. Its natural site is the fourth house, which is related to the affairs of life at home. Cancers a water sign emotional, sensitive and understanding.

Cancer Colors, Stones, Metals, Trees and Flowers

  • Colors: Silver and gray are the colors of the moon, ruler of Cancer. Silver, navy blue and green.
  • Stones: Pearls and moonstones.
  • Metal:Silver.
  • Trees: Willows and pear trees.
  • flowers: Daisies.

Cancer and the Animal Kingdom

The crab

The crab is an ideal symbol for the soul of the Cancer sign. With its tough outer shell it gains protection against predators, along with its claws to attack, defend, and gather food.

The crab lives its life by taking two steps forward and one step back. It's funny the defense is fierce even when threatened by external circumstances. Explore deep emotions, especially regarding fear, insecurity, courage, and anger. You can coexist with strength and power giving you unprecedented strength over all

The turtle

The Tortoise is similar to the crab, this animal is ruled by the water sign of the zodiac, Cancer, and its hard shell expresses its protection against dangerous elements.As a totem, the tortoise is useful for safety, protection and stability to those who it need.

The duck

The Duck is another earthly creature, ruled by the sign of Cancer. One of the greatest talents of duck is the way in which it plunges into deep water in search of its prey ... It signifies the ability to explore our emotional oceans and hidden realms within ourselves.

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