MedBravo brings cutting-edge cancer research to patients

MedBravo brings cutting-edge cancer research to patients

MedBravo gives hope to patients and helps researchers.

Today, February 4, the World Cancer Day, and it is precisely today when we receive excellent and encouraging news from Dr. Aurelia Bustos, an oncologist at the Hospital de San Juan (Alicante) who presents her platform that fills us with hope and gives researchers the possibility of continuing with their clinical trials .

Dr. Bravo tells us that in her experience as an oncologist, she has been able to see up close the obstacles that arise either to continue research, as well as for patients with some type of cancer that is less known or more resistant to existing treatments. and for them with fewer options at their fingertips, the scarce possibilities of knowing the advances and clinical trials in process.
Aurelia had the idea of ​​changing that, and being also a computer engineer she created this search engine that classifies and orders the 40,000 clinical trials in 17,000 hospitals around the world.

With a very clear objective, the doctor explains that MedBravo aims to bring researchers and patients closer together, solving the barriers of ignorance and distance. Helping patients to know the treatments that are carried out for their specific condition and the opportunity to participate in trials, thus significantly increasing the quality of life and prognosis of patients, and in the future, the progress of research and the probability of survival of this disease that only in Europe claims the lives of 1,300,000 patients annually. And despite these figures today only 5% of patients participate in such trials.

This search engine is for both doctors and patients and the general public as it aims to provide a research profile of each center and to help answer these three questions:

-What studies have been carried out or for a special condition and a specific area?
-Where is a particular study open for recruitment?
-How or who can you contact?

We hope MedBravo achieves its goal of bringing patients and physicians closer together, because as Dr. tells us, millions of future lives depend on today's research!

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